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October 19, 2017
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October 25, 2017
October 13, 2017

Shapleigh Board of Selectmen

Minutes of Meeting – Time 7:00 pm

October 10, 2017

Call to Order

Mark R. Cobb, Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, at the Shapleigh Town Hall with William J. Mageary and Michael S. Perro in attendance. Also, in attendance was Karla Bergeron, Executive Secretary to the Board of Selectmen.

In Attendance: Skip Bartosch, Roland Legere and Art Ingersoll

Pledge of Allegiance was recited

Approval of minutes from previous meeting:

· Motion made by William J. Mageary, Seconded by Michael S. Perro to approve the minutes from October 3, 2017. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Comment:

· Art Ingersol – Transfer Station employee mentioned over the weekend there were several bags left outside of the gate at the Transfer Station again this weekend. Art was able to obtain a name from the refuse materials while he was cleaning the area up and disposing of the refuse. This information will be followed up with Deputy Shaw since this person is clearly littering.

Road Commissioner’s Report: North/South:

John Burnell, Road Commissioner, North, was not able to attend tonight’s meeting.

Caleb Chessie, Road Commissioner, South, was not able to attend tonight’s meeting.

Unfinished Business:

1. Discussion on Patrol Car – It was mentioned by Sheriff King that the Town of Limington might be interested in purchasing this vehicle. The BOS would like to see if the Town of Limington would be interested in purchasing the retired patrol car.

2. Bid Opening for Custodial Duties at the Town Hall – Chairman Cobb opened the two bids that were received. At this time the BOS would like to contact the lower bid to see about obtaining a certificate of insurance before proceeding with this matter.

3. Returnables at the Shapleigh Memorial School – William J. Mageary commented that the returnable area at the Shapleigh School has been cleaned up.

4. Mowing Bids for the Sports fields and Commons – William J. Mageary mentioned that he felt the bid for the sport fields should have a specific number of mowing’s in order for someone to bid on the proposal. Michael S. Perro mentioned that since the sports fields are irrigated the bid indicates that weekly mowing’s are necessary. The commons area is not irrigated therefore it is difficult to determine how many mowing’s will actually take place so, for the bidding process the bids states approximately 25 mowing’s per year. This is just an estimate.

5. Revision Energy – William J. Mageary mentioned it would appear the Revisions is behind on their timetable to get this project completed. Michael S. Perro stated he will contact Revision for an update.

New Business:

1. Request for PTO – Code Enforcement Officer – Motion made by Michael S. Perro, Seconded by William J. Mageary to approve the PTO request for the CEO who will be out of the office 11-15 through 11-17. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

2. 12 Town Group Meeting – Michael S. Perro along with William J. Mageary attended this meeting. Michael stated the group had a very good discussion concerning the marijuana law and the current proposed legislature #2395. The 70 page document is very well written. Next month’s meeting will have representatives from Maine Municipal Association. The committee is looking for a volunteer to create a social media page for the 12 Town Group.

3. Private Property Target Shooting – Michael S. Perro stated he had been contacted regarding the ongoing issue with people target shooting on the parcel of land across from the Transfer Station. Michael explained this is private property and the Town has send numerous letters regarding this matter to the property owner. Michael has suggested that this individual and others who may have complaints regarding this use of property as a shooting range, contact the property owner directly as this is a civil matter.

4. Town Hall Front Door – Michael S. Perro stated that the front door is in need of being repaired. The door is not closing tightly and with winter coming we need to get this repaired. The Town’s handyman will be contacted to get this repair scheduled.

5. Executive Session – Motion made by William J. Mageary, Seconded by Michael S. Perro to enter into an Executive Session according to 1 MRSA 405(6)(A) personnel matter at 7:51 pm. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously. The BOS came out of the Executive Session at 8:14 pm.

VII. Information:

1. Planning Board Agenda and Minutes

2. Habitat for Humanity Invite

3. Meeting with the Budget Committee for 12/12/2017 at 6:30 pm/Town Hall

4. Meeting with the Fire Chief and Rescue Chief of Service on 10/11/2017 at 9:00 am/Shapleigh Town Hall

VIII. Signatures:

1. Warrants

2. PTO Request

Adjourn – Motion made by William J. Mageary, Seconded by Michael S. Perro to adjourn at 8:16 PM. Motion passed unanimously.

These minutes are not verbatim. Karla Bergeron, Executive Secretary to the Board of Selectmen.