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Shapleigh Board of Selectmen

Minutes of Meeting – Time 7:00 pm

May 1, 2018

Call to Order

William J. Mageary, Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm on Tuesday, May 1, 2018, at the Shapleigh Town Hall with Michael S. Perro and Jennifer J. Roux in attendance. Also, in attendance was Karla Bergeron, Executive Secretary to the Board of Selectmen.

In Attendance: Jessica Eastman, Sandra Anderson, Skip Bartosch, Joe Stanley, Nick Richardson, Nancy Small, Roland Legere and Art Ingersoll

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting:

· Approval of the minutes for April 24, 2018, Motion made by Michael S. Perro, Seconded by Jennifer Roux to accept as written. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

Public Comment:

· Jessica Eastman and Sandra Anderson, members of the Recreation Committee updated the BOS on what the committee has been working on. They mentioned a couple of issues at the recreation fields that need to be addressed. The Tball program is currently underway. They are working on scheduling summer events along with events for Community Day. The BOS thanked them for attending tonight’s meeting and wished them continued success with their programs.

· Art Ingersoll mentioned to the Board of Selectmen the teacher from Maplestone School stopped by the Transfer Station to see what was needed for the work the students will be performing at the transfer station. Art will pick up the necessary supplies and the students will begin the work on Thursday.

Road Commissioner’s Report: North/South:

John Burnell, Road Commissioner, North, was not able to attend tonight’s meeting.

Caleb Chessie, Road Commissioner, South, was not able to attend tonight’s meeting.

Unfinished Business:

1. Interviews for the CEO – William J. Mageary stated the BOS have begun to interview candidates for the CEO position. The second step in the interviewing process will continue next week.

2. 3 Lot Subdivision Hidden Cove Letter of Credit – The Executive Secretary updated the Selectmen regarding the 3 lot subdivision, Shapleigh tax map 9, part of lot 1A. The improvements include a private way; bringing access to power onto the lots; and upgrading the end of West Shore Drive in Acton. The Town has received letters from the Shapleigh Road Commissioner, North stated that the proposed cost estimate in the amount of $58,914.00 was acceptable to him along with a letter from the Acton Road Commissioner stating the property owner has been in contact with him and the owner has agreed to improve the remainder of West Shore Drive, at his expense to the Town’s of Acton’s standards. Based on the information received, motion made by Michael S. Perro, Seconded from Jennifer J. Roux to approve the irrevocable letter of credit in the amount of $58,914.00 in the Town’s name. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

3. Winter Plowing Contractor North – Nick Richardson asked to speak to the BOS regarding the amount that is being held from his last payment for the winter season 17-18. Nick spoke about the prep work that he is doing on the curbing on Owls Nest Road and Goose Pond Road. After careful consideration and review of the information received, Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux to release the final payment less $2,454.48. After discussion Jennifer J. Roux withdrew her first motion. Motion was made by Jennifer J. Roux, Seconded by Michael S. Perro to release the last payment with the deduction of $3,954.48. Discussion: a site visit has been planned for Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 8:30 am on Goose Pond Road. Motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

i. Certificate of Appointments: William J. Mageary – Mousam Watershed Dam Coalition; Shapleigh Community Day Committee; Nancy Hodgdon, Penny Mills and Eileen Glover. Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux, Seconded by Michael S. Perro to appoint the above named individuals. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

ii. PTO Request – The Land Use Secretary has requested one day off June 5, 2018. Motion made by Michael S. Perro, Seconded by Jennifer J. Roux to approve the request as presented. No further discussion.

iii. Price Quote for a New Server – The Executive Secretary presented a price quote for a new server. The reason a new server is needed is because the current server is out dated and can not handle the TRIO upgrade that is scheduled for the beginning of next year. Based on the amount of the new server the Town needs to solicit two more bids for the customized server. A discussion took place that trying to seek more bids is very time consuming and since this is a specialized item you may not be able to obtain more quotes.

iv. Executive Session for a Personnel Matter – Motion made by Michael S. Perro, Seconded by Jennifer J. Roux to enter into an executive session at 7:51 pm pursuant to 1 MRSA 405(6)(a) personnel matter. The BOS came out of the executive session at 7:59 pm.

VII. Information:

1. Day One Annual Report

2. Williams Advisory Committee Agenda

3. RSU 57 Budget Warrant

4. Planning Board Minutes

VII. Signatures:

1. Warrants

2. COA’s

Adjourn –Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux., Seconded Michael S. Perro at 7:59 pm. Motion passed unanimously.

These minutes are not verbatim. Karla Bergeron, Executive Secretary to the Board of Selectmen