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Shapleigh Board of Selectmen

Minutes of Meeting – Time 6:00 pm

March 19, 2019

Call to Order

Michael S. Perro, Chairman called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with Jennifer J. Roux and Scott E. Cudworth in attendance. Also, in attendance was Karla Bergeron, Town Administrator.

In Attendance: Aaron Sabine, Duffy Gold, Nancy Small, Art Ingersoll, William Mageary, Brian Rand, Michael Sabine and Skip Bartosch

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Election of Chairman – Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux, seconded by Scott E. Cudworth to elect Michael S. Perro as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen. No further discussion. Motion passed unanimously.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting: Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux, Seconded by Michael S. Perro to approve the minutes from March 5, 2019 as written. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

Aaron Sabine asked to speak to the Board of Selectmen regarding the current condition of the gravel section on Simon Ricker Road. It was the recommendation of the BOS to contact the newly elected Road Commissioner, South Jeff Goodwin concerning this gravel section of Simon Ricker Road so that he is able to address the current condition.

Unfinished Business:

1. TANS Bid Opening – Motion was made by Jennifer J. Roux to award the TANS for 2019 to Biddeford Savings Bank on a as needed basis with an interest rate of 2.15% based on the Shapleigh Treasurer’s recommendation, Seconded by Scott. E. Cudworth. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Shapleigh Library By-Laws – The BOS received updated copies of the proposed by laws for the Library previously and have had an opportunity to review them. Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux, Seconded by Scott E. Cudworth to approve the Library By-Laws as presented. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously. The Library Trustees have previously approved the Library Bylaws at one of their regular Board meetings. The Trustees will sign the original copy of the amended Bylaws and return the original to the Board of Selectmen for filing.

3. Shapleigh Rescue By-Laws – At this time the BOS would like time to review the amended by-laws. This matter will be carried under Unfinished Business.

New Business:

1. Abatement – Gino Romano – Abatements has been presented to the BOS regarding two properties owned by Gino Romano located on the Gore Road, Shapleigh. Based on similar and like properties abatements have been issued in the amounts of $240.57 for Map 8, lot 48A and $114.63 for Map 8, Lot 48. Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux, Seconded by Scott E. Cudworth to approve the abatements as presented. No further discussion. Motion carried unanimously.

2. Transfer Station Vacancy – The Town Administrator updated the BOS regarding the current vacancy for the Recycling Attendant at the Transfer Station. The BOS were in agreement to speak to the three (3) fill in employees to see if there is an interest in changing their current status as fill in to a regular part time position at the Transfer Station.

3. Fire Department Employee – Jennifer J. Roux spoke to the BOS regarding the Fire Department member who is currently on probation. Jennifer’s question was it the decision of the BOS that when this employee attends mandatory trainings he is to be compensated for his time? The BOS were in agreement that this employee should be paid as the other members are paid for their time for the training.

4. Hazardous Waste Day for Shapleigh – Michael S. Perro mentioned that based on MSW contract the Town of Shapleigh would be compensated 50% for the cost of having a Hazardous Waste Day. Certainly, this is an opportunity that town should take advantage of. The Town Administrator will contact Clean Harbors to schedule this event.

5. Transfer Station – RW Herrick Employee - The BOS discussed job performance of the upper level employee, who is employed by RW Herrick. It was decided that based on recent concerns RW Herrick will be contacted concerning making sure Transfer Station stickers and making sure they valid.

VII. Information:

1. Planning Board Agenda

2. CEO – Robert Kirton – Rescue Community Education Officer

3. CEO Monthly Report

4. RSU 57 Budget Meeting Notice – March 21, 2019 at 4:00 pm Waterboro Town Hall

5. RSU 57 Board Meeting Agenda for March 13, 2019

6. Rescue Squad Minutes

7. Southern Maine Agency on Aging – Community Leaders March for Meal – The Town Administrator will be delivering Meals on Wheels in Shapleigh on Tuesday, March 19th

VII. Signatures:

1. Warrants

2. Tans Notice of Award – Biddeford Savings

Adjourn –Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux, Seconded by Scott E. Cudworth at 7:27 pm. Motion passed unanimously.

These minutes are not verbatim. Karla Bergeron, Town Administrator