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Shapleigh Board of Selectmen

Minutes of Meeting – Time 7:00 pm

June 18, 2019

Call to Order

Chairman Michael S. Perro called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm with Scott E. Cudworth in attendance.; Selectmen Jennifer J. Roux was absent. Karla Bergeron, Town Administrator and Cheryl Drisko, Office Assistant were in attendance.

In Attendance
: Bill Mageary, Duffy Gold, Nancy Small, Roland Legere, Skip Bartosch, Lindsey Lacourse, Aaron Sabine, Ryan Sabine, Suzie Rand, Autumn Littlefield, Brian Rand and Representatives from the companies who placed a Paving Bid: Dayton Sand & Gravel, Pike Industries, All States Asphalt (dba Carroll Materials), and LibbyScott Inc.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting: - Motion made by Scott E. Cudworth to approve minutes of June 4, 2019 as written, seconded by Michael S. Perro. No further discussion. Motion carried. Minutes for June 11, 2019 were tabled until next meeting.

Public Comment:

1. Roland Legere commented on 2 items: he was asking if there was an update on the matter of a Traffic Ordinance; Town Administrator said it was on the night's agenda. Secondly, he asked the Board if they received the letter from the City of Sanford regarding the dam to be sent to shore front property owners. Discussion ensued with the Board regarding what actions would be taken to canvass the area appropriately. Research will be done regarding an email blast and/or mass mailing. Letter was placed on Facebook and the Shapleigh website.

2. Duffy Gold informed the Board that she was invited and attended a webinar on "Moving Maine". Duffy found this webinar very informative and appropriate to further become involved in for the Town of Shapleigh. With the Board's approval, Duffy would like to get involved with this coalition as a representative of the Town. The Board asked Duffy to forward all the information for review and then a decision can be made at a follow up Board meeting.

Unfinished Business:

1. Paving Bid Opening - Bids were received, opened and read aloud from the following bidding companies: Dayton Sand & Gravel, Pike Industries, All States Asphalt (dba Carroll Materials), and LibbyScott Inc. One bid was challenged as it did not comply to the specifications laid out for the bid. The bids will be taken under review and a decision will be made at the next regular BOS meeting.

2. PS Administrator Job Description - Board is still in process of developing a job description. This issue is tabled until input from all department's involved, especially on command chain, can be surveyed and received in writing. After all information is received, a workshop will be scheduled to review and discuss.

New Business:

1. Poverty Abatements - The Town Administrator asked the Board's approval to process poverty abatements similar to General Assistance requests with applications and guidelines; present findings to Board in Executive Session once complete. Motion made by Scott E. Cudworth, seconded by Michael S. Perro to proceed with poverty abatements as if they were General Assistance requests. No further discussion. Motion carried.

2. State of Maine Drug/Alcohol Policies Review - New State Mandates for Drug and Alcohol were provided by the Town Administrator for their review. Next policy review workshop date is Thursday, June 27th at 8:30 am

3. Vehicles and Traffic Ordinance - Sample - The Town Administrator presented the Board with an example of a Traffic Ordinance from a local town. This sample can be used as a baseline for the Board to review and develop an Ordinance for the Town. In order to enforce anything related to traffic, an Ordinance must be in effect.

4. PTO Request - Town Administrator - Motion made by Scott E. Cudworth, seconded by Michael S. Perro to grant PTO request No further discussion. Motion carried.

5. Job Performance and Evaluations - Motion made by Scott E. Cudworth, seconded by Michael S. Perro to grant 3% increase based on positive evaluation. No further discussion. Motion carried. New Land Use Secretary job description was presented to the Board for review; acceptance tabled until review is complete.
Performance evaluation for CEO has been completed with no 3% increase as increases are built into pay structure and completion of certifications; performance evaluation for Town Administrator is still pending completion.

6. Speed Trailer - The repair work to be done on the speed trailer has been completed. Deputy Sevigny will pick up the trailer and the BOS are expecting an invoice to be issued from Knox Autobody. A spare set of lock keys should be available and placed in the town hall's key box.

7. Mowing - The company responsible for mowing has been notified; expected completion is end of week. Recreation fields and Common area requires mowing, the town trees on property are to be stabilized.


1. Shapleigh Planning Board minutes for 5/28/19.

2. RSU 57 Agenda for 6/19/19.

3. CIC agenda for 6/20/19.

4. Conservation Commission Minutes for 5/13/19.


1. Warrants

Adjourn –Motion made by Scott E. Cudworth; Seconded by Michael S. Perro, meeting closed at 7:35 pm. Motion passed unanimously.

These minutes are not verbatim. Cheryl L. Drisko, Office Assistant