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Shapleigh Board of Selectmen

Minutes of Meeting – Time 6:00 pm

August 13, 2019

Call to Order

Chairman Michael S. Perro called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm with Jennifer J. Roux and Scott E. Cudworth in attendance;

Karla Bergeron, Town Administrator and Cheryl Drisko, Office Assistant were in attendance.

In Attendance
: Bill Mageary, Roland Legere, Skip Bartosch, Duffy Gold, Nancy Small, Jeff Goodwin and Lindsey Lacourse.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting:

A motion was made by Jennifer J. Roux to approve minutes of August 6, 2019 as written, seconded by Scott E. Cudworth. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

Duffy Gold had several items to comment upon:

o Capital Improvement Committee reached out to Maine Municipal Association Bonds for an educational informational session. This session will take place at their upcoming stated meeting of Thursday, September 19, 2019 at 6 pm; the Board of Selectmen and Treasurer are invited and encouraged to attend. Duffy prepared a package for the Board to look at prior to the meeting; the Town Administrator will scan and email to the Board.

o Sought an update on what the Board determined regarding her safety concerns at the Acton/Shapleigh Historical Society Pavilion building for public events. Selectman Jennifer J. Roux responded that it was discussed at the last Board meeting and the update is reflected in the minutes. The way it was left was that Ms. Duffy's concerns were going to be emailed to the Town Administrator. The Town Administrator in turn responded that she did move forward and reach out to the property owner. The insurance company did an inspection, listed concerns to be resolved, the Historical Society fixed the citations and the insurance company signed off that the building was in compliance; insurance was provided for them.

Ms. Duffy pressed her issues with the facility and was seeking the Board to push forward on an ordinance. Discussion ensued. Resolution was that this is a private facility, all safety concerns were met for the insurance company, insurance was in effect, without jurisdiction, there was nothing more at this point in time the Board can do. This is the first event of any kind for this building; it is still a work in progress.

o Commented that she did not see the Capital Improvement Committee's Minutes recorded in the BOS minutes. Karla pointed out that matter was submitted in the previous meeting's minutes; located under information.

o Reminded the Board that truck counts on Emery Mills was needed for the application of a federal grant; the County is not able to distinguish between car versus truck traffic and truck count is what is needed. Discussion ensued on how to meet the grant's criteria. The Board suggested the grant provider or MEDOT be contacted to find out what other applicants were doing to meet criteria.

o Asked the Board if the recordings for the BOS minutes were being retained. The Board responded that they were. All retention protocols are being met.

Unfinished Business:

i. Special Town Meeting Update: The Town Administrator confirmed that the Special Town Meeting will be held on Saturday, October 19, 2019; presented a draft of the warrant and a public notice for the Board's review. The Town Clerk, Treasurer and Town Moderator are all available for that date. The Board established potential public hearing dates of September 10, September 24, and October 1, 2019 at 7 pm. If the third meeting is not needed, it will be cancelled.

Bill Mageary asked if there were other items on the warrant article to come before the Special Town Meeting other than the Public Safety Director? The Board explained that the Sherriff contract funding at this time and Emery Mills Dam project funding appropriations and numbers need to be discussed by the Board.

ii. Policies Adoption:
A motion was made by Scott E. Cudworth to approve the new town policies as written; seconded by Jennifer J. Roux.
Discussion and recap of the new section written in regards to in-house staff PTO was recapped for the public; noting that these changes were at the request of house staff and they are aware that the changes have been made. Motion carried. Policies signed.

iii. Tax Exemption: Selectman Jennifer J. Roux was concerned that policy was not being followed with regards to committee members who purchase items privately. The town does not pay sales tax. The Town Administrator will send another reminder memo to all Departments and Committees.

iv. Town Hall Cleaning Bid: The Town Administrator stated that two individuals approached the town to review what was required to submit a town hall cleaning bid; only one bid was received. Bid came in at $250 per month.

A motion was made by Jennifer J. Roux to accept the cleaning bid of $250/month; seconded by Scott E. Cudworth. No discussion. Motion carried.

v. Plunge Pool Cleanout Follow Up: Selectman Jennifer J. Roux asked if Mr. Roland Legere had an opportunity to speak with private property owners regarding access to clean out plunge pool. He had not. Mr. Legere asked about past funding source because it can impact whether current funds can be used for this purpose.

Jeff Goodwin, Road Commissioner - Southern District was asked by Selectman Michael S. Perro if in the past the Road Commissioners had a schedule to clean out the plunge pools. Mr. Jeff Goodwin responded no, that if it was noticed needing cleaned out, that was when it was done. Moving forward, the Board is in favor of a time schedule being established and followed. Both Road Commissioners will need to review and put a plan in place.

New Business:

1. Saco River Corridor Commission Invitation: The Board was invited to attend a GIA mapping session; the Board declined as the town will be well represented by the Code Enforcement Officer and some Planning Board members who will be in attendance.

2. Revision Energy Offer for Community Engagement Opportunities: The Town Administrator spoke about the correspondence received from Revision Energy where they presented some opportunities to the Board of Selectmen to promote the benefits of the town's use of its solar array and other energy efficient measures. Selectmen Michael S. Perro explained to all present the history of the Power Purchase Agreement, Solar Array and the implications of the benefits to install it.

The opportunities the Revision Energy presented are at no cost to the town and the Board was in favor of the following:

· Revision Energy will hold educative presentations at the school with the children;

· Placement of informational signage at the solar array. (Board asked the Town Administrator to inform Revision Energy that they would need to seek out Code Enforcement regarding code to placing signage at the array.);

· Placement of informational signage and brochures around town;

· Write an article for the Town Report; and

· Revision Energy Representative come to a town meeting and give the public an overview and update.


1. Planning Board Agenda for Tuesday, August 13, 2019

2. Community Day Committee Minutes for July 18, 2019; Agenda for August 7, 2019; and Budget summary of expenses/revenues for August 13, 2019.

3. Shapleigh Rescue Squad Meeting Minutes for August 1, 2019

4. Incident Report, dated August 9, 2019

5. Capital Improvement Committee Minutes for June 2, 2019.


1. Warrants

Adjourn – Motion made by Scott E. Cudworth to adjourn at 6:46 pm; seconded by Jennifer J. Roux. Motion passed unanimously.

These minutes are not verbatim. Cheryl L. Drisko, Office Assistant