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Shapleigh Board of Selectmen

Minutes of Meeting – Time 6:00 pm

August 27, 2019

Call to Order

Selectmen Jennifer J. Roux, Pro tem, called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm with Scott E. Cudworth in attendance.

Karla Bergeron, Town Administrator and Cheryl Drisko, Office Assistant were in attendance. Chairman Michael S. Perro was absent.

In Attendance
: Bill Mageary, Skip Bartosch, Duffy Gold, Nancy Small, Mike Sabine, Sue Bedell, Richie Bedell, Darren Bedell, Anna Desmond, David Mann, Mike Sabine, Ryan Sabine, Aaron Sabine, Autumn Littlefield, Madge Baker and Rudy Sevigny.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting:

A motion was made by Scott E. Cudworth to approve minutes of August 20, 2019 as written, seconded by Jennifer J. Roux. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Public Comment:

· Madge Baker, a member of Three Rivers Land Trust, came before the Board seeking the Selectmen's support of grant application to purchase seventy-eight acres in the Pump Box Brook watershed area.

A motion was made by Jennifer J. Roux to sign a letter in support of the Three Rivers Land Trust's grant application, seconded by Scott E. Cudworth. No further discussion. Motion carried.

· The Bedell family approached the Board seeking resolution with their culvert issue. After substantial discussion, Selectman Jennifer J. Roux suggested all parties involved meet at the site. The Town Administrator will set up meeting for Monday or Tuesday at 8 am and inform all parties.

· Mike Sabine asked the Selectmen to consider visually recording Selectmen meetings. Selectmen Jennifer J. Roux suggested this is something to consider during the budget process since there is no funding at this time.

· Mr. Sevigny brought to the Board of Selectmen's attention speeding issues and requested the Selectmen consider placing additional road signage on Owl's Nest Road. Following the discussion, the Selectmen agreed to ask the Road Commissioner to place a 3rd sign on the road facing the opposing direction and to ask Deputy Sevigny place the speed trailer on the road the next time he moved the trailer. A reevaluation of situation will occur after sign is in effect.

· Mike Sabine asked the Selectmen to consider a plan to fill any gap in positions once the Public Safety Administrator's position is filled. Selectman Roux responded that mutual aid plans will be considered.

Unfinished Business
: None

New Business:

1. Schedule Meeting with Property Owners on Jones Road: As discussed during public comment a meeting will be set for either Monday or Tuesday morning at 8 am.

2. Garland Road Culvert and Ditching: Ditching to be completed by the Road Commissioner once current projects are completed. Town Administrator will notify the property owner who brought this to her attention.

3. Snow Plowing Contract:: The Selectmen reviewed the snow plowing contract and suggested a few minor changes; the Town Administrator will provide a draft next week.


1. Planning Board Agenda

2. Williams Property Meeting Notice

3. Notice of Violation(s) and Order to Correct Violation(s)

4. Revenue Summary Report


1. Warrants

Adjourn – Motion made by Scott E. Cudworth to adjourn at 6:39 pm; seconded by Jennifer J. Roux. Motion passed unanimously.

These minutes are not verbatim. Cheryl L. Drisko, Office Assistant