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Town of Shapleigh
c/o Mike Demers CEO LPI
Shapleigh ME 04076

Call or text Mike's cell 207.432.1023

or call the office 207.636.2844 ext 409

Regular Office Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 8:30 - 4:30
Thursday evenings from 4:30 - 8:00
First & last Sat of the month 9:00 - 1:00

Michael Demers
Code Enforcement Officer LPI
Town of Shapleigh
p: 207.636.2844 x409  m: 207.432.1023
w: shapleigh.net e: ceo@shapleigh.net

We ask that you schedule an appointment

to meet with the CEO for a building and

plumbing permits

Permit-by-Rule (NRPA Chapter 305)

The Natural Resources Protection Act Chapter 305 Permit-by Rule Standards (CMR 06 096 Ch 305) contain an expedited permitting process that typically applies to de minimus or routine activities, provided they are undertaken in a manner that minimizes the impacts on the affected natural resource(s). The permitting process requires the submittal of a Permit-by-Rule Notification Form to Maine DEP, along with a nominal permit fee and a description of the work to be performed. In order to qualify for a Permit-by-Rule, the project design must be able to be constructed in accordance with the prescribed standards outlined by the appropriate section(s) of the Chapter 305 Rules. Standards are categorized by project type and it is possible to design a project that qualifies in more than one section, so be sure to read all the sections. For example, a typical shoreline stabilization project may require filing under Section 2, “Activity adjacent to a protected natural resource,” and Section 8, “Shoreline stabilization.” Permit-by-Rule notifications are processed by DEP within 14 days of receipt. The DEP does not typically notify the applicant of an approval, so it is recommended that notifications be submitted by certified mail with a return receipt request so that the applicant can track the 14-day review time. If a permit is rejected by the DEP, the applicant will receive written notification with an explanation for why the notification was rejected.

In an emergency situation where action needs to be taken quickly to avoid slope failure or excessive erosion, a Notification can be hand-delivered to the appropriate DEP office and approved immediately. If this is necessary, please contact the office and arrange an appointment with staff to ensure that someone will be available to look at the notification.

Town of Shapleigh Permit Fee Schedule
$200.00 Growth Permit Application Fee
$50.00 Growth Permit Application Fee to remain on waiting list
$50.00 Demolition Fee
$25.00 Application Fee including Occupancy Permit in addition to *
* $25.00 Alteration of any structure which changes it's use as defined
in the Zoning Ordinance
* $20.00 Construction of an above-ground swimming pool
* $40.00 Construction of an in-ground swimming pool
* $5.00 per $1,000 (based on fair market value of all materials and labor) for permit to construct
a residence including mobile home and manufactured housing. The fair market value of the proposed construction shall be estimated by the Code Enforcement Officer on the basis of current average construction costs per square foot. Disputes about such costs shall be determined by the Municipal Tax Assessors
* $5.00 per $1,000 (based on fair market value of all materials and labor) for permit to
construct structures other than residence
* $7.00 per $1,000 (based on fair market value of all materials and labor) for permit to
construct commercial structures (restaurants, markets, churches, etc.)
* $45.00 Signs (commercial)
* $45.00 Signs (temporary)
* ½ Rate Reapplication or renewals, only if done within 60 days of expiration;
otherwise full rates will be charged
$25.00 re-inspection of any work not ready for inspection when a scheduled inspection is
made or when re-inspecting a previously failed inspection for which corrective
measures were to be done
$150.00 ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS Application Fee - for a variance request or an administrative appeal. Applicant will be billed for any additional expenses incurred in excess of $150.00
$150.00 PLANNING BOARD Conditional Use Permit Application Applicant will be billed for any additional expenses incurred in excess of $150.00
$100.00 Private Way Application to Planning Board
$125.00 PLANNING BOARD Application Fee for:
Amendment to a Conditional Use
Applicability of Basic Performance Standards to a permitted use
Review of setback to a non-conforming structure
Amendment to a subdivision
EXEMPTIONS: The Town of Shapleigh and RSU 57 are exempted from permit fees
but must first obtain permits

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