May 27, 2018  7:41 AM 

The following may be used a guideline for what activities are permitted by the Town of Shapleigh, in what locations and who issues and/or reviews those permits.  If you have further questions feel free to contact the proper reviewing authority during regular town office hours.  Thank you.






105-17.     Land Uses



Land uses permitted in each district, in conformance with the performance standards of Article V, are shown in the following table:




---        = Not permitted

YES     = Permitted

NA      = Not applicable

CEO    = Required permit issued by Code Enforcement Officer

LPI      = Requires permit issued by Local Plumbing Inspector


CU       = Permitted after Planning Board review to ensure that the proposed use conforms

with the land use standards specified in Article V of this chapter. (Planning Board review is required for approval of conditional use permits See Chapters 105-70 through 105-73.)

RP       = Resource Protection District

SD       = Shoreland District

GP       = General Purpose District

FD       = Floodplain District

SP        = Stream Protection District


LAND USES                                                              RP       SD       GP       FD       SP






Open space                                                               YES     YES     YES     YES     YES

Timber harvesting                                                         CU       CU       YES     YES     CU

Agriculture, commercial gardening                                 CU       CU       YES     YES     CU

Campgrounds                                                               ---        ---        CU       CU       ---

Individual private campsites                                           CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO

Earth removal, dredging, filling2                                     ---        CU    CU/CEO  CU     CU

Mineral exploration or extraction                                   CU       CU       CU       CU       ---

Commercial outdoor recreation,                                    ---        CU       CU       CU       CU

excluding campgrounds

Nonintensive recreational uses                                   YES      YES     YES    YES     YES

not requiring structure, such as

hunting, fishing and hiking

Public and private recreational                                      CU        CU     CEO     CU     CU

areas involving minimal structural


Motorized vehicular traffic on                                       YES      YES    YES     YES    YES

existing roads and trails

Seasonal sale of produce and

plants raised:

            Off the premises                                             ---        CU       CU       CU       CU

            On the premises                                              ---        CU       YES     CU       CU

Nurseries                                                                    ---         ---        CU       CU       ---

Commercial animal breeding or                                    ---        ---        CU       ---        ---

care and commercial kennels


RESIDENTIAL                                                         RP       SD       GP       FD       SP



Single-family dwelling                                                ---        CEO    CEO    CU       CEO1

Seasonal camps and cottages                                    ---        CEO    CEO    CU       CEO1


Conversions of seasonal                                            ---        LPI      LPI      LPI      LPI

residences to year-round

Two-family dwelling                                                    ---        CU       CEO    CU       CU1

Multifamily dwelling                                                     ---        CU       CEO    CU       CU1

Cluster (planned unit) development                              ---        CU       CU       CU       CU1

Mobile home parks                                                     ---        ---        CU       ---        ---

Manufactured housing units not in parks                       ---        CU       CEO    CU       CU1


COMMERICAL INDUSTRIAL                              RP       SD       GP       FD       SP



Home occupations                                                    ---        CU       CU       CU       CU

Garage sales                                                              ---        YES     YES     YES     YES

Garage sale business                                                   ---        CU       CU       CU       CU

Commercial or industrial facilities                                ---        ---        CU       CU       ---

Commercial or industrial areas                                    ---        CU       ---        CU       CU1

requiring a shorefront location

(e.g., marinas, boat yards, bath

houses, fisheries)

Gas stations, motor vehicle sales                                   ---        ---        CU       ---        ---

or repair, car washes

Eating establishments                                                    ---        ---        CU       CU       ---

Premises selling alcoholic beverages                              ---        ---        CU       ---        ---

Amusement arcades                                                     ---        CU       CU       CU       ---

Head shops                                                                  ---        ---        ---        ---        ---

Flea markets                                                                ---        CU       CU       CU       ---

Automobile graveyards and junkyards                          ---        ---        CU       ---        ---

operated in accordance with state law

Waste processing or disposal facilities                           ---        ---        CU       ---        ---

other than sanitary landfills

Telecommunications facility                                           ---        ---        CU       ---        ---


PUBLIC, SEMIPUBLIC, INSTITUTIONAL          RP       SD       GP       FD       SP


Church, parish house or other                                      ---        CU       CU       CU       CU1

religious building

Municipal offices, library, museum                                ---        CU       CU       CU       CU1

Town garage, fire station                                              ---        ---        CU       CU       ---

Utility buildings or structures                                         ---        CU       CU       CU       CU1


   Under 120 sq. ft.                                                       ---        CEO    CEO    CEO   CEO1

Schools (public or private)                                            ---        ---        CU       ---        ---

Nursery schools                                                           ---        CU       CU       ---        ---

Facilities for scientific or nature                                     ---        CU       CU       ---        CU1

interpretation purposes

Cemeteries                                                                  ---        ---        CU       ---        ---


OTHER                                                                      RP       SD       GP       FD       SP



Piers and docks requiring permits                                 ---        CU       NA      CU       CU

Boathouses                                                                   ---        CU       CU       CU       ---

Creation of back lot (refer to 105-B(3))                        ---        CU       CU       ---        ---


   Commercial                                                               ---        CEO    CEO    ---        CEO

   Noncommercial                                                         ---        CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO

Uses or structures accessory to:

   Permitted uses                                                        CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO1

   Permitted structures                                                CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO1

   Conditional uses                                                     CU       CU       CU       CU       CU1

Uses similar to:

   Permitted uses                                                         CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO    CEO

   Conditional uses                                                      CU       CU       CU       CU       CU

Ponds                                                                         CU       CU       CU       CU       CU




1Provided that a variance from the setback requirement is obtained from the Board of Appeals.

2See also 105-39.



The following may be used as a guideline for dimensional requirements for Residential Dimensions only.  For information regarding both Commercial and Industrial requirements, please contact the Code Enforcement Officer during regular town office hours.  Thank you.








Dimensional requirements shall be in accordance with the following table:


                                         Residential Dimensional Requirements (A)



                                            Resource                       General                        Stream


                                             Protection  Shoreland   Purpose   Floodplain   Protection


Land Uses                            District      District       District      District        District



Minimum land area per             NA1           80,000       80,000            2            80,000

dwelling unit or

principal building

(square feet)


Minimum street                         NA            200(B)       200(B)                         200(B)

frontage per dwelling

unit or principal

building (feet)



Minimum shore frontage            200(C)       200(C)       200(C)                         200(C)

per dwelling unit or

principal building (feet)


Minimum yard dimensions per dwelling unit or principal building:


   Front setback from                NA            50(D,F)      50(D,F)           2            50(D,F)

   right-of-way (feet)


   Front setback from                NA            75(D,F)      75(D,F)           2            75(D,F)

   road center line (feet)


   Side setback (feet)                 NA            10(E,F)      25(E,F)           2            25(E,F)


   Rear setback (feet)                NA                20             30                2               30


   Shore land setback (feet)       100(G,H)   100(G,H)      ---                  2            75(G,H)


   Tributory stream                    75                 75                                               75


Maximum lot coverage              NA               10%           10%               2            10%

(by structure)


Maximum building                     ---                 35(H)         35(H)           2            35(H)

height (feet)




1No portion of any lot created after the effective date of adoption of this chapter and lying within the Resource Protection district may be used to meet the dimensional requirements.


2Dimensional requirements in the underlying zoning district shall apply.  However, no construction or filling shall be allowed unless the applicant can demonstrate that the specific property is not in fact either subject to flooding or unsuitable for the proposed use because of hydrological/topographical conditions.  Land within the Floodplain District may be used to meet the area and yard requirements, provided that the portion in this district which is so used does not exceed 30% of the minimum land area required per dwelling unit.


3Yard dimensions for accessory structures may be found in chapter 105-35 of this Chapter.


4For more than one dwelling per building see chapter 105-42 of the Shapleigh Zoning Ordinance.



SHAPLEIGH ZONING ORDINANCE 105.19.  Notes to table on dimensional requirements.



A.        Dimensional requirements for two- and multifamily dwellings are set forth in

            Chapter 105-42 of this chapter.  Required yard space shall serve only one lot.  No

            part of the yard or other open space required on any lot for any building shall be

            included as part of the yard or open space similarly required for another building

            or lot.


B.         Street frontage.  The minimum street frontage requirements shall be subject to the

            following additional considerations:

            (1)     The new building lot abutting a public road or abutting a privately

                     maintained road meeting the town’s road construction standards shall

                     have a minimum road frontage of 200 feet.

            (2)     Lots of record existing at the time of ordinance amendment may be

                     built upon, provided that they meet the requirements of Chapter 105-4E(1).

(3)         (Reserved)

(4)3   New building lots located at the end of a cul-de-sac may be designed so that they have 50 feet of street frontage, so long as the width is 200 feet at the

location where the principal building is constructed.


C.        Shore frontage.  A lot abutting a lake, pond, river, stream or wetland shall have a

minimum shore frontage as specified in the table in Chapter 105-18, measured in a straight line between the points of intersection of the side lot lines with the

shoreline at the normal high-water line or upland edge.


D.        Front yards.  Whichever of the two methods for determining front yard setbacks

            (specified in the table in 105-18) yields the greater distance shall apply.  When a

lot fronts on the shore and on a road or right-of-way, both the Shoreland setback of 100 feet and the front setback as defined in 105-18 shall be met, or a variance must be obtained.  If a legally existing structure which does not meet the required front yard standard is located on the property, any new structure may be set back the same distance from the right-of-way as the existing structure, so long as all other performance and dimensional standards of this chapter are met.


E.         Side yards.  The combined width of both side yards shall be at least 30 feet in the Shoreland districts.


F.         Corner lot setbacks and visibility.  Corner lot yards abutting roads shall have a minimum depth of 50 feet from each right-of-way or 75 feet from each center line, whichever distance is greater.  All corner lots shall be kept free from visual obstructions for a distance of 25 feet measured along the intersecting street lines.


G.        Shoreline setback.  This setback is from the normal high-water mark of any lake or river in the Shoreland District.  Setback from the wetlands over 10 acres in size shall be 130 feet.


H.        Building height.  No building shall exceed 2 ½ stories or 35 feet in height, as measured from the eaves to the lowest ground grade at the foundation. Features of building and structures, such as chimneys, tower, ventilators and spires, may exceed 35 feet in height but shall be set back from the nearest lot line a distance not less than the height of such feature or structure, unless a greater setback is required by other provisions of this chapter.