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July 12, 2012
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This column is for July 12, 2012.


The Urban/Rural Initiative Program (URIP) operated by the Maine Dept. of Transportation, Community Services Division, has had a $700,000 decrease over last year as the result of the Legislature decreasing the MaineDOT’s Highway Budget.

Shapleigh will receive $70,188 for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012 and running through June 30, 2013 in quarterly installments of $17,547 (September and December 2012 and March and June 2013).

The Board of Selectmen must certify annually to MaineDOT that the URIP funds will be spent only for Capital Improvements on public roads. A list of the capital improvements completed the previous year must accompany the certification.

Beginning in 2001, municipalities receive a percentage of MaineDOT’s portion of the Highway Fund (about 9.6%) rather than the flat rate of$600 per lane-mile.

This form of State assistance started out as a “Block Grant” and has changed names over the succeeding years. Notification has been given by MaineDOT that next year the name URIP will return to its former name “LRAP” (Local Road Assistance Program).


Clubs, political candidates, families, bikers, etc. or anyone interested in being part of the Community Day Parade on Saturday, July 21, 2012 should contact Bill or Eileen Mageary as soon as possible at (207)636-1357.

Questions about any other aspects of Community Day should be directed to Jennifer Roux at (207)324-8605.


Congratulations to the residents of Shapleigh who graduated from Massabesic High School during the ceremony held in June. Kathryn Abbott, Rachel Beyea, Chelsey Bourque, Morgan Cloutier, Lindsay Decker, Christopher Desruisseaux, Ryan Dodge, Carolin Ernst, Kayla Goodwin, Kevin Hutchins, Jessica Jackman, Andrew Kennedy, Shelby Klimas, Jennifer Krause, Ayla LaChapelle, Kaleb Lemay, Ashley Lesperance, Austin Long, Amber MacGregor, Matthew Magabanua, Emily McGrath, Lucas McKenna, Nathaniel Mercier, James Moulton, Brandon Normand, Julianne Ouellette, Amanda Parker, Tasha Rodrigue, Vivan Sawtelle, Ryan Signore, Beth Tanguay, Ryann Taylor, Thomas Theriault, and Kelly Wayne.

Best wishes to all of you in your future endeavors.


Eighty-one thousand dollars in scholarship funds were awarded to Massabesic High School graduates who are continuing their education. Ten percent of that amount went to the following Shapleigh graduates:

Rachel Beyea, Sanford Institution for Savings Scholarship $1,000.

Lindsay Decker, Nancy R. Cortright Memorial Scholarship $250 and Wilma Thyng Memorial Scholarship $350.

Ryan Dodge, Shapleigh Community Day Scholarship $100; Roswell Abbott Family Memorial Scholarship $200; Clifford & Bernard K. Holdsworth Scholarship $1,000; Sanford-Springvale Rotary Club Scholarship $2,500.

Kevin Hutchens, Shapleigh Community Day Scholarship $100; Emily Ferguson Scholarship $200; and Lloyd & Mildred Hooper and daughter Jane Hilton Memorial Scholarship $200.

Amanda Parker, York County Patrol Association Scholarship $500; Sanford Institute for Savings Scholarship $1,000.

Vivan Sawtelle, Clifford & Bernard K. Holdsworth Scholarship $1,000.


The Board of Selectmen has received the monthly report from Librarian Gene Smith comparing activity for the month of June 2012 with that of June 2011.

                                2012     2011

 Fiction 364 375

Non-fiction 38 31

Juvenile/Young Adult 200       232

Renewals 3          3

Videos 76 129

Periodicals 7 6

Fines $117.70 $21.30

New Patrons 4 2

 Patrons (Adult)           292 300

Patrons (Juv/YA) 59 62

Patrons (Total)            351 362


The Shapleigh Community Library is now featuring an original display of ceramic masks loaned to the library by Shapleigh resident Kay Meyerhoff and her daughter, makers of the masks. Do take time when stopping to select your books for reading to see this unusual exhibit. The hours of operation during the summer months are Tuesday 3 pm – 8 pm; Thursday 10 am – 2 pm and 6 pm – 8 pm; Saturday 9 am – 12 noon. FMI call 636-3630 during those hours.


Shapleigh Town Clerk has announced that applications are now being accepted for the Any-Deer Permit or the Landowner Permit. FMI call 636-2843 ext 413 or 415. The deadline for filing a 2012 Maine Any-Deer Permit Application in person or by mail is July 27, 2012. Those persons applying online have until August 15, 2012 to do so. Landowners without a hunting license may not apply online.

There are 34,160 permits available throughout the entire State of Maine. Out of thirteen Wildlife Management Districts (WMDs) applicants may choose up to three. No more than 15% of regular permits in any WMD will be awarded to non-residents.

In some WMDs there may be more any-deer permits available than applicants. Unclaimed permits (bonus deer permits) will be allocated in a chance drawing until all permits in that district have been issued. The fee for a bonus deer permit is $12 if selected. Permittees will be selected by a computerized random drawing on September 7, 2012. Winners names and permit numbers will be posted only on the web site www.mefishwildlife.com


The combined effort of Shapleigh and Alfred to collect hazardous wastes that persons had in their garages, homes, and elsewhere yielded a bonanza of materials which have now been taken and disposed of properly. Under the supervision of Clean Harbors, the event went rather smoothly, having been held at the salt/sand facility parcel where setting up on pavement was much more efficient than on a gravel surface as it would have been at the Transfer Station site where it had been originally scheduled. Each time the event is scheduled the Selectmen learn better ways to do it next time. The volume of HZ waste received would certainly seem to indicate that this should be done on a more frequent basis. It had been five years since the last such event.

A large majority of the materials brought were gallon paint cans. Anyone with cans containing paint can leave them open and let the paint dry up and then it is not considered hazardous and can be brought to the Transfer Station during regular hours of operation throughout the year. Used crankcase oil is accepted at the Transfer Station on a regular basis so need not be stored for a HZ Waste Day.  See the attendants at the lower recycling level of the facility.

Businesses should have a prescribed method of getting rid of their HZ wastes as a matter of course since this is primarily for residential HZ wastes. An Alfred business owner brought in enough material to count as 17 vehicles and caused the quota to be reached early on. The method Clean Harbors utilizes to compute the cost to the municipalities is $25 for each 5 gallons of liquid or 10 pounds of solids.  Shapleigh had 86 vehicles equalling 248 units and Alfred had 109 vehicles generating about 572 units.  Both Shapleigh and Alfred Selectmen had to raise their quotas during the course of the day because of the extra large volume of HZ waste delivered. Lines extended north on Route 11 and moved rather slowly because of the seriousness of the handling of these materials. The Selectmen would like to thank those who took the time and had the patience to participate in this “Green” event.


The article regarding tax-acquired property which the Town will be auctioning off had an erroneous listing of 6 Silver Lake Road. This is private property with a dwelling on it and not the intended sale parcel. Shapleigh Tax Map 12 Lot 30-6 is the tax-acquired vacant parcel, one of the several lots in the Silverwood Subdivision, located on Silver Lake Road. There is no street number because there are no buildings on the lot. Please excuse the error.


A Building Code Effectiveness Grading Schedule (BCEGS) has been received by the Board of Selectmen from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). After an analysis of the building codes adopted by the Town of Shapleigh and the efforts put forth to properly enforce those codes, the resulting Building Code Effectiveness Grading Classification is 5 for 1 and 2 family residential property and 5 for commercial and industrial property.

The ISO is an insurer-supported organization with the primary mission of providing advisory insurance underwriting and rating information to insurers. There is no requirement that insurers use ISO’s advisory material. Insurers may have adopted an ISO rating insurance rating program that will provide rating credits to property insurance policies in recognition of community efforts to mitigate property damage due to natural disasters.


That Shapleigh Town Hall is located at 43.539527 degrees North latitude and -70.846191 East Longitude? Shapleigh, when compared to many other parts of the country, is at very low risk for earthquakes and most of the natural hazards of tornadoes and hurricanes.


When the Town Clerk is not open, persons who need to obtain milfoyle stickers to put on their boats before entering Maine waters may try Beadle’s Bait Shop located at 146 Emery Mills Road (Route 109) next to Fleming’s motorcycle business. Tel. no. (207) 636-3590.


Sincere condolences to the family of Mary Alice (Mason) Desclos who passed away recently.