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August 09, 2012
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This column is for August 9, 2012


Florence (Penney) Stanley is the most recent recipient of the Boson Post Cane, having received it at a ceremony conducted in the gazebo at Shapleigh Commons on Shapleigh Community Day, July 21, 2012.

Florence was born on April 27, 1914 in Alfred, Maine and attended the schools there. She married Roland Stanley in 1948. Roland served in the United States military so they traveled a great deal and had lived in many places. The couple had no children but had many nephews and nieces.

Florence enjoyed knitting, sewing, and gardening. Being an excellent seamstress, she provided her customers with superb finished garments.

The couple retired and made their home on the Ross Corner Road in Shapleigh in the 1980’s. Roland passed away on March 4, 2011.


On August 2,1909 Boston Post newspaper publisher Mr. Edwin Grozier sent to Boards of Selectmen in approximately 700 towns in New England a gold-headed ebony cane with the request that it be presented with the compliments of the Boston Post to the oldest male citizen of the town to be used by him as long as he lives in town. At his death the cane would be handed down to the next oldest citizen of the town. The cane belonged to the town and not the man who received it.

The canes were all made by J. F. Fradley and Company, a New York manufacturer, from ebon shipped in seven foot lengths from the Congo in Africa. They were cut to cane lengths, seasoned for six months, turned on lathes to the right thickness, coated and polished. They had a 14-carat gold head two inches long, decorated by hand, and a ferruled tip. The head was engraved with the inscription –Presented by the Boston Post to the oldest citizen of (name of town) “To Be Transmitted”. The Board of Selectmen were to be the trustees of the cane and keep it always in the hands of the oldest citizen. Apparently no Connecticut or Vermont towns were included.

In 1924, Mr. Grozier died and the Boston Post was taken over by his son, Richard, who failed to continue his father’s success. At one time the Boston Post was considered the nation’s leading standard-sized newspaper in circulation. Competition from other newspapers, radio and television contributed to the Post’s decline and it went out of business in 1957.

The custom of the Boston Post Cane took hold in those towns fortunate enough to have canes. As the years went by some of the canes were lost, stolen, taken out of town and not returned to the Selectmen or destroyed by fire.

The Town of Shapleigh has preserved the original Boston Post Cane in an especially designed case made by Melvin Brackett. Brackett also made a replica of the original cane which continues to be used for presentation and carries all of the same conditions which applied to the original cane. The only change to those conditions is that for many years now the cane has been presented to the oldest citizen whether it be a man or a woman.

The Shapleigh Selectmen are in the process of compiling a list of the names and dates of the holders of the Boston Post Cane over the years it has been the possession of the Town.


During the past several weeks Code Enforcement Officer Steve McDonough issued the following permits:

Steven Barbaro, Map 27 Lot 26, Point Rd, Mousam Lake, cut 5 large pines within 100 ft of the water, 20 trees to be replanted and maintained, stumps to remain in place.

Jaime Fajardo, Map 21 Lot 25, Perch Point, Mousam Lake, build a 22 ft wide dormer on roadside of existing dwelling, uses 5.6% sq ft and 2.6% volume of 30% allowed.

William MacDonald, Map 27 Lot 14-2, Burlington Way, Mousam Lake, repair existing patio, install a vegetated buffer and infiltration pathway.

Wendel Clough, Map 35 Lot 22, Cypress Rd, Square Pond, cut one large tree, stump to remain in place, one tree to be replanted in same general area.

Daniel Puopolo, Map 25 Lot 7-1, 14th St, Mousam Lake, fortify banking, vegetate a buffer strip, and mulch per ASYCC.

William Chandler Sr, Map 11 Lot 26B, Eider Lane, Little Poverty Pond, build a 8x41 deck.

Robert & Cynthia Campbell, Map 40 Lot 30A, Granny Kent Pond Rd, build a 8x12 shed for storage.

John W Kenary, Map 31 Lot 22B, Totte Rd, Goose Pond, build a 9x24 open patio under existing deck, using 216 sq ft of 432 allowed by 30% rule, and erosion techniques applied by ASYCC.

Jon and Julie Williams, Map 39 Lot 39, Heron Way, Granny Kent Pond, cut one large tree, 3 trees to be replanted in same general area, stump to remain in place.

A certificate of occupancy has been issued to Jane Landry and Nathan Howgate, Map 7 Lot 5-1, for a 4 bedroom single family dwelling.


Scott Lehigh & Marcia Crumley, owners of property located at 111 Treasure Island, have been cited by Code Enforcement Officer Steve McDonough violation of a provision of the Shapleigh Zoning Ordinance by having built a shed without a permit at waters edge on Square Pond. All new structures in the Shoreland District must be set back a minimum of 100 feet from the normal high water mark. The owners have until August 20, 2012 to remove the illegal structure and contact the CEO for inspection.

Mary Quigg, owner of property at 140 Sixteenth Street Loop, Mousam Lake, have been cited by Code Enforcement Officer Steve McDonough for several violations to the Town of Shapleigh Zoning Ordinance.

A timber retaining wall approximately 20 feet from the high water delineation has been built and the banking has been dug away in multiple areas, including at the immediate water’s edge. Timber stairs have been built, as well as concrete work in the water in one excavated area; while leaving other areas raw and exposed, causing amplified erosion into Mousam Lake.

Corrective action must be taken immediately upon receipt of the Violation Notice and Order to erect proper erosion control methods to arrest any further erosion, and contact the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection to determine the correct way of doing this since the exposed earth is immediately at the waters edge.

The property owner must by August 24, 2012 remove the illegal retaining wall, stabilize all exposed soils within 100 feet of the water and submit a permanent replanting plan to the CEO, sign a consent agreement and pay a civil penalty to the Town of Shapleigh.

Notices of violations are sent by Certified Mail to the property owners.


Shawn Woods of Indian Village Rd, Square Pond has been approved by the Planning Board for the Best Possible Location (BPL) to replace the existing shed and replace with a garage and expansion following a site inspection and public hearing. Building plans must be approved by the CEO and a building permit must be obtained prior to any construction taking place.

Joseph Letourneau, following a public hearing on July 24, 2012, has received a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to operate Earthworks Landscaping out of the existing office building at 184 Emery Mills Rd. Owners of the property are Richard and Virginia Gallant. Hours of operation will be from 7 am through 9 am seven days a week. Any signage must be permitted by the CEO.

Marc & Sandy Lemelin of Hemlock Rd. have received an After-the-Fact Conditional Use Permit (ATF-CUP) for earth moving in excess of 10 cubic yards in the Shoreland Zone to create vehicle access from Map 30 Lot 42 to Hawthorne Rd.

Robert Ferrera of Oak Hill Road has applied for a Conditional Use permit to renew the existing mineral extraction permit on his property on State Route 11. Property owners within 500 feet have been notified of the public meeting to be held on

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Shapleigh Town Hall.


Shapleigh Transfer Station employees Michael Roy and Art Ingersoll have received certificates from Eric P. Hamlin, Program Administrator of the Transfer Station Operators Training Program, for the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management, Division of Solid Waste Management. Both men completed the Core Training Session Number 3 (Hazardous &Special Waste) which they attended on July 9, 2012.


The Maine residents property tax and rent refund “Circuit breaker” applications are now available for refunds of property tax assessed or rent paid during 2011. You may qualify for a refund up to $1,600 if you do not have a spouse or dependents and your 2011 household income was $64,950 or less; or you have a spouse or dependents and your 2011 household income was $86,600 or less AND your 2011property tax was more than 4% of your 2011 household income; or the rent you paid in 2011was more than 20% of your 2011 household income. NOTE: Low income Seniors do not need to meet these requirements.

Applications must be filed by May 31, 2013. File online at www.mainegov/reveue/netfile/gateway2.htm or mail a completed application to the Maine Revenue Services, PO Box 1066, Augusta, Maine 04332-1066.

Circuit Breaker booklets and applications may be downloaded from the Maine Revenue Services web site at www.maine.gov.revenue/forms/homepage.html

Applicants who would like to have a booklet mailed directly to them may call the forms line at (207)624-7894 and leave your name and mailing address or write to Maine Revenue Services, PO Box 9107, Augusta, Maine 04332-9107.


Seven properties tax-acquired by the Town of Shapleigh by virtue of expired liens for real estate taxes not paid by the previous owners were put up for auction to get the properties back on the tax rolls. Held in the upstairs meeting room of the Town Hall on Tuesday, July 31, 2012, the public auction was conducted by Attorney Brad Morin with Selectmen Michael S. Perro and Ruth S. Ham and Treasurer Michelle Rumney present, as well as bidders and members of the general public.

Three parcels sold for the minimum bid but the other three generated a rather competitive and lively bidding.

Six of the seven properties received bids which totaled $40,900. One received no bids at all and will be held until a future date. Successful bidders signed purchase and sales agreements after having made a deposit, the balance to be paid on or before August 30, 2012. Successful bidders are Steve Foglio (2 parcels), Curtis Mills (2 parcels), Brad MacDonald and Paul Baker (1 parcel each).

Saturday, August 11, 2012 from 9 am to1 pm Laurie Callahan, coordinator for the York County Invasive Aquatic
Species Project, will be leading  on-the-water paddle sessions exploring the aquatic plant life in Hubbard's Cove 
on Mousam Lake.
Laurie is an annual visitor of the Mousam Lake Region Association (MLRA) and provides these workshops to MLRA
members who are interested in learning about native and invasive aquatic plant species.  This is an informtive session
and also great exercise as you paddle around looking at the various plant life in the Mousam watershed. 
Interested persons should contact Richard Eagleston at 978-985-3243 for more information or email
Alissa Laitres, owner of One Earth Natural Food Store has announced the opening of Trancendence Within,
located in Helping Hands Massage studio space above One Earth Natural Food Store.  Owned and operated by
Colleen Feeney-Dyer, Trancendence Within offers Intuitive Energy Healing, Reiki, and Meditation Sessions.
Join Colleen at her Open House this Saturday, August 11, 2012, between 10 am and 3 pm. There will be light
refreshments, raffles, and demonstrations.  Colleen also has a generous special offer for everyone who attends....
a coupon for 25% off your first session.  Come and experience a day of relaxing demonstrations and joyful
conversation  on Saturday, August 11.  The location is 191 Emery Mills Rd (Route 109).  FMI call(207)636-2500.