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August 30, 2012
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Any persons owning real estate in Shapleigh who did not get the tax bill which was recently sent out should call the Town Hall at 207-636-2843 ext 406 or ext 415 to make them aware. Anyone who has moved during the past several months and has not informed the Town of Shapleigh of the new address is likely to experience a delay in receiving the tax bill since it would have been sent to the last known address.


During the past several weeks Code Enforcement Officer Steve McDonough issued the following permits:

  • Daniel Lajeunesse, 24th St, Mousam Lake, construct a pathway, infiltration trench, and mulch
  • Gregory Clough, Emery Mills Rd, Map 18 Lot 10, build a 12xz16 open deck, framing plan to be submitted prior to start
  • Richard Gallant, Emery Mills Rd, Map 1 Lot 41, place an externally lit sign, “Earthworks”
  • Susan Fitzgerald, 16th St, Lower Mousam, Map 16 Lot 14, demolish and remove existing mobile home and 20x26 shed
  • Mark A Lewis, Jib Way, Map 5 Lot 3-7-2, Mousam Lake, cut three trees per plan, no replanting required
  • William Penney, Jib Way, Map 5 Lot 3-7-1, Mousam Lake, cut two trees within 100 feet of the water, four to be replanted per plan, stumps to be ground only
  • Thyng’s Springs, Coffin St, Map 25 Lot 14, Mousam Lake, cut five trees within 100 feet of the water, eight trees to be replanted per plan, stumps to be ground only
  • Nancy Lee Harper-Robinson, Apple Drive, Map 37 Lot 7, cut nine large trees within 100 feet of the water, 16 trees to be replanted per plan, stumps to be ground only
  • Robert Hanscom, Silver Lake Rd, Map 44 Lot 15, Silver Lake, cut three trees within 100 feet of the water, 6 to be replanted and maintained, stumps to remain in place
  • Timothy Burgess, Back Rd, Map 4 Lot 7, pour a foundation only for an attached 28x28 garage per engineered plan submitted, framing plans to be submitted prior to start


Do stop into the Shapleigh Community Library to peruse the bookshelves. Many new books have been added recently for your reading pleasure. The library is open Tuesday 3 pm to 8 pm: Thursday 10 am to 2 pm and 6 pm to 8 pm; Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm. FMI call Librarian Gene Smith at 636-3630 during those hours.


“Gone,” by Cathi Annuer

“A Place in the Country,” by Elizabeth Adler

“Blood Line,” by James Rollins

“Hull Creek,” by Jim Nichols

“Broken Harbor,” by Tone French

“Gone Girl,” by William Flynn

“Creole Belle,” by James Burke

“Heart Broken,” by Lisa Unger

“Long Gone,” by Alafair Burke

“Jasmine Nights,” by Julia Grayson

“Thunder and Rain,” by Charles Martin

“Deadly Politics,” by Maggie Sefton

“Hooked on Murder,” by Betty Hechtman

“The American Heiress,” by Daidy Goodwin

“Tuesday’s Child,” by Fern Michaels


“Grandpa Green,” by Lane Smith

“Middle School – Get Me Out of Here,” by James Patterson

“Big Nate, Boredom Buster,” by Lincoln Pierce

“It’s The First Day of School Forever,” by R. L. Stine

“The Wishing Spell,” by Chris Colfer

“Kaspar, The Titanic Cat,” by Michael Morpurge


“Wile,” by Cheryl Strayed

“Mountains Beyond Mountains,” by Tracy Kidder

“Maine Curiosities,” by Tim Sample

“Secret Heroes,” by Paul Martin

“Yes, Chef,” b y Marcus Samuelson

“A Stolen Life,” by Jaycee Dugard

“Joshua Chamberlain,” by Thomas Despardia, Editor

“The Great Bridge,” by David McCullough

“Blue Water, Great Skipper,” by Stuart Woods


“Shutter Island”


Who let the dog out? Do you know that there is a State of Maine leash law? Owners of dogs are required to have their dog on a leash or to be under voice control at all times when outdoors. Failure to do so can be costly. Dogs running at large are reported to the Animal Control Officer (ACO) whose job it is to enforce the State law. A dog roaming at large will be taken to the West Kennebunk Shelter (WKS) until the owner is found. Generally the first time a dog is picked up for running loose the ACO will, if there are tags on the animal, take the dog to the owner’s home and issue a verbal warning concerning the consequences of repeated offenses.

If the canine is taken to WKS the dog’s owner will be liable for fees incurred for the time spent in the shelter. The owner may be issued a court summons for various reasons: not having registered the dog with the Town Clerk; not having a valid rabies certificate; repeated offenses of allowing the dog to roam at will; having a dangerous dog who bit someone; and more. The costs can escalate when the dog’s owner neglects to abide by the State law.

Over the last 30 days Shapleigh’s ACO has delivered late license notices to dog owners; issued a verbal warning to an owner of barking dogs; responded to a call of a dog having bitten two people and issued a 10 day quarantine notice and a court summons for keeping a dangerous dog; responded to a camp owner’s complaint of a feral mother cat and 3 kittens were under her camp, caught the cat family and delivered them to the West Kennebunk Shelter. ACO Frank Shippee traveled 298 miles in the performance of his duties during that period of time. FMI or to report an animal incident call Frank at 324-4821.


Shapleigh Code Enforcement Officer Steve McDonough and his deputy Ken Paul, both re-appointed in May of this year, have been certified in all the areas they have been appointed to enforce. Those include Residential Building, Residential Indoor Ventilation, Residential Energy, Residential Radon, Commercial Building, Commercial Indoor Ventilation, and Commercial Energy.


Members of the Planning Board will be acting on several applications for Best Possible Location (BPL) at their next meeting on August 28, 2012 at 7:30 pm at the Shapleigh Town Hall. Abutters within 500 feet of the subject properties have been sent notices to make them aware of the proposed action. One is at 160 Indian Village Rd, Square Pond for BPL to place a 14x28 addition to the rear of the existing structure. Another BPL being sought is for repairing an existing structure and creating a full foundation at 136 30th St, Lower Mousam.

Several applications have been received by the Planning Board for Conditional Use Permits to be able to extend a dock greater than 20 feet. Another application is requesting permission to change the location of a permitted dock which extends greater than 20 feet. These properties are located on 32nd St, Lower Mousam.


Misuse of the town-owned property donated to the Town by Roger Williams has caused considerable concern. One of the members of the committee found a pick-up truck and its occupants on the property where they had driven across the fields spinning their tires after having apparently cut the locked gate to gain entrance with a vehicle. Several folks were hiking on the property while drinking beer. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on any Town property.

An authorized Eagle Scout project will be undertaken soon with the installation of the park benches; after which the Boy Scouts will construct kiosks at the two entrances to the property. Rules related to the property and a map of the trails on the property will be available at the kiosks.

The Williams Property Advisory Committee is in the process of preparing an estimate of property maintenance costs to submit to the budget committee when it convenes this year. Included will be gravel, fixing the roads, and bush-hogging.

Next meeting is scheduled for September 20 at 6:30 pm.


The Highland Grove Cemetery Association currently has burial plots available on its property on Town Farm Road. There are varying plot sizes to choose from to accommodate families with any number of persons. FMI call (207)636-2843 ext 406. Please leave a message, including your name, telephone number, and purpose of the call. A new section will also be opening up next year.


The Maine Dept of Transportation has notified the Town of Shapleigh that it is planning on doing some substructure rehabilitation work on the Shapleigh Bridge located on Route 11 (Shapleigh Corner Rd) over Pump Box Brook.

MDOT’s plan is to start and complete the work during the 2013 construction season. When the work is taking place two lanes of traffic will be maintained at most times. The duration of the project is not expected to take longer than a month so once construction begins the disruption to the traveling public should be minimal. Because of this minimal impact to the public, the letter of notification in being sent in place of having a public meeting.