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October 11, 2012
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Annette Brown of Shapleigh Recreation (636-3012) has announced that Basketball Sign-ups will be on Tuesday, October 16 and Thursday, October 18, 2012 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at the Shapleigh Town Hall.

Academy of Basketball Clinics are scheduled for October 23rd and 25th at the Nasson Gymnasium in Springvale. The cost is $20 per child with a family cap of $50. PeeWees 5:30 to 6 pm; Jrs from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm; and Srs from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Applications are available at the Shapleigh Town Hall.


You are invited by the Shapleigh Conservation Commission to attend a “mushroom identification” program at the Shapleigh Town Hall on Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 9:30 am to 10:30 m. Roger Monthey of the US Forest Service and a noteworthy Mycology* hobbiest will have a power point presentation regarding how to identify various types of mushrooms. Anyone who has wild mushrooms growing on their property are encouraged to bring in samples for identification.

*Mycology is a branch of biology concerned with the study of fungus. This includes mushrooms and truffles.


Owners of property in Shapleigh who have not yet paid their 2012 real estate taxes will be paying interest at the rate of 7% per annum in addition to the tax itself. Persons who have not paid their real estate taxes in full by December 31, 2012 will have their names printed in the annual town report as delinquent.


Permits which have been issued by Shapleigh's Code Enforcement Officer Steve McDonough over the past month are listed below.

  • Leonard M Spallone, Map 27 Lot 2, 16th St Loop, Mousam Lake, regrade driveway and install drainage per plan to prevent erosion.

  • Raymond E Wells, Map 32 Lot 8A. 41Dahlia Rd, Square Pond, cut 2 large trees and replant 4 per submitted plan, stumps to remain in place.

  • Stephen Allaire (Corley) Map 27 Lot 25, 14 Point Rd, Mousam Lake, complete renovation of existing interior to include a new dormer on garage and enclosing the existing waterfront deck, uses15% of allowed volume, no new square footage, replace existing retaining wall and stairs to lake, framing plans to be submitted prior to start.

  • Richard Kozak, Map 40 Lot 36, 31 Osprey Lane, Granny Kent Pond, cut 8 large trees, replant 15 per submitted plan, stumps to remain in place, project to be completed by June 1, 2013.

  • Dathen Jones, Map 2 Lot 32A, 1517 Walnut Hill Rd, add a 22x28 single story addition on daylight basement, and increase size of septic to accommodate.

  • Sharon Chiasson, Map 28 Lot 40, 7 18th St, Mousam Lake, build a covered deck no closer than existing patio.

  • Lee Emery, Map 17 Lot 31, 136 30th St, Lower Mousam, add a full foundation under existing structure, structure to remain in same location.

  • Leon B Knox, Map 5 Lot 31A, 105 Knox Rd, build a 20x30 barn on slab for storage, also build a 12x18 shed.

  • Michael Hinds, Map 18 Lot 7, 17 3rd St, Lower Mousam, replace existing 50x11 patio, moving over 6 ft from southern property line, patio to be same sq.ft., no closer to water than existing, all exposed soil to be stabilized.

  • Richard Hay, Map 24 Lot 32, 14th St, Mousam Lake, cut 10 trees pe plan submitted, all other existing vegetation to remain.


Shapleigh Animal Control officer Frank Shippee over the lst couple months traveled 997 miles in the performance of his duties. Which included a variety of calls.

  • A Cockapoo dog on Siver Lake Road was mauled by a German Shepherd whose owner received a court summons.

  • An owner was bitten by his own dog.

  • A stray Beagle was recovered and returned to its owner.

  • In Pine Springs a woman was out walking when she was attacked by a dog, knocked down and bitten severely lacerating her arm. The dog's owner was given three court summons and was required to quarantine the dog for 10 days.

  • A stray Pekinese near Square Pond was returned to its owner.

  • A stray Pit Bull was picked up and taken to the West Kennebunk Shelter and the owner eventually was issued a court summons.

  • A deputy sheriff called the ACO about 5 loose hounds on Square Pond Rd.

  • A dog bit the owner's wife on the lip; a bite report was filled out and the dog was quarantined for 10 days.

  • A brown Nubian Goat was found standing on a porch on Owls Nest Road. Unable to locate an owner, Frank delivered the goat to the Ridley farm where it will be taken care of since it was badly in need of being milked. Anyone having lost such a goat is asked to call the ACO at 324-4821.

  • An owner was given a notice to renew her license for her dog.

  • Two pit bulls were trying to get chickens in a yard. Frank caught the dogs and delivered them to the West Kennebunk Shelter.

  • A Chocolate Lab was roaming at large on the Newfield Rd; the owner was left a warning notice.

  • The remainder of the ACO's time was spent setting traps for feral cats at Village Circle, catching them and taking them to the shelter. The West Kennebunk Shelter will now only take cats on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; After neutering the cats they were taken by the ACO to a feral cat shelter in North Windham.

  • A stray Black Lab was reported roaming the Walnut Hill Rd area.

  • Possums were also caught in the traps and were relocated to a wildlife management area.

  • A dog owner on the Knox Rd was given a warning notice for allowing his dog to roam at large and bother walkers.


Held at the Shapleigh Town Hall, October 2, 2012, the special town meeting to determine whether or not to authorize the Selectmen to enter into a 4 year contract with the York County Sheriff's Department was called to order at 7 pm. Robert Ferguson was elected as moderator for the meeting. Sheriff Ouellette was present with a deputy to respond to questions that citizens had. The meeting lasted 34 minutes before the results of the vote were tallied. There were 26 in favor of authorizing the Selectmen to enter into the contract; 21 voters were against it. Twenty-thousand dollars from unappropriated funds was authorized by a vote of 27 yes; 13 no. The last article which would have authorized $40,000 was indefinitely postponed . This article would have been acted on only if Acton voters at their special town meeting on September 27, 2012 had not approved the vote to enter into a contract for a deputy sheriff for $20,000. In that case the Shapleigh article for the $20,000 would have been indefinitely postponed and the voters would have acted on the full contract price of $40,000. As it turned out Shapleigh and Acton will be sharing a deputy for those 40 contracted hours.


The public is invited to a Beef Pot Roast Supper at the Shapleigh First Baptist Church on Saturday, October 13, 2012 from 4:30 to 6:30 pm sponsored by the Acton/Shapleigh Lions Club. The cost of the meal is $9.00 for adults; $5.00 for children 6 to 12 years of age.  A public service club, the Acton/Shapleigh Lions uses the proceeds of these events to fund services rendered to residents of both Shapleigh and Acton, eyeglasses being one of the major programs. Acton/Shapleigh is affiliated with state, national and international Lions Clubs and some funding also goes to help many people around the world through Lions programs.


Alissa Laitres, Shapleigh resident and owner of One Earth Natural Food Store, now celebrating the 7th year anniversary, has partnered with Fetching Hope Rescue to bring awareness to adopting shelter and rescue dogs. Fetching Hope's adoptable dogs will be featured on One Earth's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/OneEarthNaturalFoodStore) in hopes to find them the loving homes that they so deserve.

During the month of October the public can take donations of dog food, toys and supplies for Fetching Hope Rescue to the One Earth Natural Food Store located at 191 Emery Mills Rd (Route 109). Monetary donations, cash or check made payable to Fetching Rescue Hope will also be accepted. Your donations will be greatly appreciated by the volunteers of Fetching Hope and, more importantly, the dogs. Thank you for your compassion. FMI call (207)636-2500.


The One Earth Natural Food Store at 191 Emery Mills Rd is celebrating having been in business since 2005. In order to celebrate the occasion, owner Alissa Laitres has established Customer Appreciation Days from October 8 through October 20, 2012. Alissa is offering samples, sales, special offers and Free Raffles. The prizes for 24 hopeful winners will be 12 bags of groceries, 6 bags of personal care products and 6 bags of supplement items. Come and wish Alissa well as she continues to provide products for healthful living. FMI call (207) 636-2500.


The Shapleigh Baptist Church Youth Group is sponsoring a Chili/Chowder /Soup Contest on Sunday, October 14, 2012 after the 11 am worship service. Proceeds from this event will help to fund Youth Group projects. Next event will be on November 2, 2012 for the Super Bowl.

The congregation at the Shapleigh Baptist Church congratulated Carrolous (Cal) Verrill during the worship service on September 30, 2012 on the occasion of his birthday.

The church will be participating in the Good Samaritan Christmas Box program again this year. Shoe boxes are filled with gifts for children around the world who not have any gifts were it were not for this program.

AWANA (children aged 2 through Grade 6) meets Sunday evenings at 6 pm at Shapleigh Baptist Church. Classes are scheduled for various age groups: Puggles-ages 2-3; Cubbies - ages 3-5; Sparks – Kindergarten through Grade 2; TNT – Grade 3 through Grade 6. Upcoming AWANA events are Crazy Hair Night on October 28 and Hat Night on November 18, 2012. Christine Pratt is director of the program.

Pastor Bosse is conducting Baptism/Membership Classes now through December 26, 2012 every Sunday at 9:30 am at Shapleigh Baptist Church. Persons who wish to attend or learn more may call 636-1662.

The shelves of the Food Pantry which serves all Shapleigh residents in need needs boxed pasta, canned pears, canned meat, canned fruit cocktail, canned vegetables, paper goods (toilet paper, kleenex, paper towels, etc.) and shampoo. Such donations may be dropped off at the Shapleigh Town Hall during regular hours or at the Shapleigh Baptist Church at any time when it is open. FMI call 636-1662. Thank you in advance for your caring and sharing with those less fortunate.