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November 07, 2012
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Tax Collector Joanne Rankin has indicated that 94% of the total tax commitment for 2012 has been paid by owners of property in Shapleigh. With the poor economic situation the area has been experiencing, along with the rest of the country, it is rewarding to have had such a good report. Thank you all for helping Shapleigh to be able to pay its bills in a timely fashion and to end up the year in the black once again.


Loose leaf budget books have been prepared by Carole Collins, Office Clerk at the Town Hall, for members of the Town Budget Committee members and the Board of Selectmen. The Budget Committee will soon be setting up a schedule of meetings for reviewing the proposed budgets of town department heads and social service agencies. Interviews will be held, questions asked, explanations given, and more before the Budget Committee makes its final recommendations to the voters on the articles which will appear in the annual town meeting warrant.

The Board of Selectmen is working on the General Government budget which will become a part of the deliberation process as well and subject to the same scrutiny by the Budget Committee as all others.


A new Generac generator was installed recently at the Public Safety Building (Fire Dept. and Rescue) to replace the former generator which was labor intensive as far as having to go to the station repeatedly to add fuel. The new generator is fueled by propane so is much more efficient. The Board of Selectmen gas signed a 5 year maintenance contract for the Generac which includes annual preventative maintenance.


What wanton destruction! Why? The Board of Selectmen has been informed that a cemetery in the woods off the Pitts Rd has sustained tremendous damage recently. The headstones of folks who had been buried there many years ago have been snapped off at ground level. Also a monument 4-5 ft tall was toppled over. The inhabitants of those graves were not a threat to anyone. All they asked was that their resting place not be desecrated. Was the perpetrator a disgruntled hunter who missed a shot at a deer and needed an outlet for his anger? Or was it someone having some early Halloween fun? Needless when this sad news was given to Ron Rivard, Shapleigh's Cemetery Superintendent, he could but shake his head. One of the stones was for that of a veteran whose grave is flagged in remembrance and appreciation of his efforts many years ago when he fought for the freedoms we have today. And now this total disrespect displayed not only for him but also for his family members who share the cemetery with him. Shame on you, the perpetrator.


Over the past several weeks Shapleigh Code Enforcement Officer Steve McDonough issued the following permits to property owners as noted below:

  • David L. Massanari, Map 20 Lot 12, Shapleigh Corner Rd, build a 22x27 single story garage with attic storage, wall studs no greater than 10 ft

  • Richard Levesque, Map 30 Lot 41, Hawthorne Rd, Square Pond, replace existing camp with new 28x28 Planning Board approved using all of 30% expansion, maximum building heiht no more than 35 ft to be built to MUBEC

  • David K Bridges, Map 16 Lot 39, Cattail Loop, Lower Mousam, replace existing camp with new camp, PB approved to be built and insulated to 2009 MUBEC

  • William Turgeon, Map 16 Lot 40, Cattail Lop, Lower Mousam, pour new foundation under existing camp and 30% expansion, 12x12 addition and 12x14 deck

  • Vincent Srebnick, Map 30 Lot 43, Hemlock Rd, Square Pond, bring in up to 10 yards of earth in the shoreland zone, after the fact

  • Gerald Richard, Map 32 Lot 8, Dahlia Rd, Square Pond, cut two trees within 100 ft of the water, 4 trees to be replanted in the same general area, stumps to remain in place

  • Daniel Vetesse. Map 42 Lot 28C, Emily Lane, Pine Springs Lake, cut 6 trees per plan, tree closest to the lake to be replaced with one tree in the same general location, stump to remain in place

  • William Coye, Map 36 Lot 15, Indian Village Rd, Square Pond, build a 14x28 addition (26.5% sq.ft increase and 14.5% volume increase

  • Roger Houle, Map 12 Lot 34-1, Newfield Rd, place a 4x8 ft sign, not to obstruct the line of sight of traffic

  • Joseph Lavoie, Map 44 Lot 32, Silver Lake Rd, Silver Lake, cut one large pine, stump to remain in place, 4 trees to be replanted in same general area.

The declared value of the above improvement projects is $375,000.00.


A public hearing was held by the Selectmen on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 on the revised General Assistance Ordinance. The public had no comments and the Board of Selectmen unanimously enacted the ordinance as presented. The modifications were those made to housing, food, etc. as proposed by The Dept of Health and Human Services and recommended by Maine Municipal Association.


The recent hurricane which ravaged most of the Eastern coast was kind to Shapleigh. The most that was experienced in town appears to have been downed trees, loss of power, and some road washouts. Many folks were without power for several days. Our hearts go out to those communities in New Jersey and New York where the damage sustained equaled that of total destruction in many areas.


Various State of Maine departments require reports during the year. Several seem to come due at about the same time; the Municipal Valuation Report being one requested by the Maine Revenue Service, Property Tax Division; another from the Maine Forest Service regarding Tree Growth parcels, their owners, designated acreages of softwood, mixed wood and hardwood under the Tree Growth Plan, and the LD 1 certification.. These have been completed and sent to the appropriate state agencies agencies.


The inventory of books at the Shapleigh Community Library has been increased by the $923.33 purchase of the following books:


“Hard Country,” by M. McGarrity

“Right-Hand Shore',” by B. Tilghman

“Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage,” by Lynda Rutledge

“Goodbye for Now,” by Laurie Frankel

“Last Summer,” by D. Chamberlin

“Summer Breeze.” by Nancy Thayer

“Robert B Parker's Fool Me Twice,” by Robert Parker

“One Mountain Away,” by Emilie Richards

“Columbus Affair,” by Steve Berry

“Great Escape,” by Susan Phillips

“Scotched,” by Kaitlin Dunnett

“Sweet Talk,” by Julie Garwood

“Return to Willow Lake, by Susan Wiggs

“Hearse and Buggy,” by Laura Bradford

“Her Edge of Forever,” by Erin Bates

“Where Azaleas Bloom, “ by Sherryl Woods

“Wedding Party,” by Sherryl Woods

“Just Breathe,” by Susan Wiggs

“Maximum Ride Nevermore,” by James Patterson

“Virals,” by Kathy Reichs

“Survivors 1, The Empty City,” by Erin Hunter

“Chomp,” by Carl Hiaason

“39 Clues #01, Maze of Bones,” by Alan Smith

“Spymasters,” by W. E. B. Griffin

“Canada,” by Richard Ford

“Judgment Call,” by J. A. Jance

“Mission to Paris,” by Alan Furst

“Roots of the Olive Tree,” by Courtney Santo

“Delusion in Death,” by J. Robb

“Lost Boy,” by Dave Peltzer

“Bridesmaid” by Beverly Lewis

“Delusion in Death,” byJ. D. Rubb

“Low Pressure,” by Sandra Brown

“Leopard,” by Jo Nesbo

“Time Keeeper,” by Mitch Albom

“Winter of the World,” Irene Follett

“You Don't Want to Know,” by Lisa Jackson

“Zoo,” by James Patterson

“Close Your Eyes,” by Iris Johanson

“Frozen Heat,” by Richard Castle

“Severe Clear,” by Stuart Woods

“Bloodline,” by James Rollins

“Dublin Student Dr,” by Patrick Taylor

“Artemis Fowl & Last Guardian,” by Eoin Colfer

“By Starlight,” by Dorothy Garlock


“Guinness World Records 2013”

“Until Tuesday, “ by Van Montval

“Theodore Roosevelt in the Badlands,” by Roger DiSilvester

“Call the Midwife MTV,” by Jennifer Worth


“Inside Noah's Ark, “ by Charles Resoner

“Anything but Ordinary,” by Lana Avery

“Such a Rush,” by Jennifer Echols

“Miss Peregrines Home for Pecu, by Ransom Riggs

“My Uncle Oswald,” by Ronid Dahl

“Kane Chronicles Serpents Shadow,” by Rick Riordan

“Father Night,” by Eric Van Lustbader

“Middle School Get Me Out of Here,” by James Patterson

The Shapleigh Community Library is open on Tuesday 1 pm to 4 pm; Thursday from 10 am to 2 pm,

and on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm. FMI call 636-3630 during those hours.