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January 11, 2013
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The Acton/Shapleigh Youth Conservation Corps (ASYCC), a non-profit association serving Goose Pond, Loon Pond, Mousam Lake and Square Pond (Mousam Lake/Square Pond Watershed) has submitted an annual report of its activities during 2012 to the Town of Shapleigh.

The ASYCC is a community based non-profit organization created to protect our lakes and water quality in the Mousam Lake/Square Pond watershed through the application of effective erosion control measures, technical assistance, public outreach, education and courtesy boat inspections. The ASYCC works closely with the town code enforcement officers, town officials, the York County Soil & Water District, local lake associations, and the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Since its establishment in 2001, the ASYCC has made tremendous strides in improving and maintaining the water quality of the Mousam Lake/Square/Pond Watershed. These waters are valuable resources that drive the economy and quality of living. This is why the ASYCC continues to work to improve the quality of our lakes and ponds. In 2012. the ASYCC exceeded the goals of the organization for the number of Courtesy Boat Inspections and continued its trend of success with the number of erosion control projects implemented throughout the Mousam Lake/Square Pond Watershed.

During 2012 the Erosion Control Crew (ECC) worked extremely hard to complete 26 erosion control projects . Since 2001 the ECC has

completed 244 erosion control projects within the Mousam Lake/Square Pond Watershed. The demand for the Erosion Control Crew  

continues  to remain constant; with fewer than 24% of the property owners within the watershed having used the services of the ECC, there is

still more work to be done. Additionally, during the 2012 season, the ASYCC conducted 44 technical visits which was an increase from 2011.

Since 2001 a total of 472 technical visits were conducted and the demand continues to increase.

The ASYCC expects that the number of technical visits and erosion control projects will continue to increase in 2013 due to the recent Loon 

Pond Survey, the enthusiasm from the Square Pond Improvement Association members and the continued support from Southern Lake

Regional Association. With an increase In Loon Pond and Square Pond camp owners increasing their use of the ASYCC and continuing

requests from Mousam Lake and Goose Pond property owners there is still a major demand for the work of the ECC on these bodies of water.

The labors of the ASYCC have brought positive results to landowner battles against erosion on lake front properties.

The second program under the ASYCC umbrella is the Courtesy Boat Inspection Program (CBI). The CBI program works to prevent the

introduction of invasive aquatic plants from entering the Mousam Lake/Square Pond Watershed. In 2012 CBI increased their efforts to achieve

another record-breaking year. During the 2012 CBI season 4,761 boats were inspected, exceeding by 12 % the number of 2011.A total of 263

plant fragments were captured in 2012; one being an invasive Water Chestnut. As the number of boaters visiting the clean waters of the

Mousam Lake/Square Pond Watershed continues to increase so do the chances of an invasive plant or organism entering our important


With the constant and consistent presence of the CBIs on the Mousam Lake and Square Pond Boat Launches the public is cooperatively

involved and better educated about the risks of these invasives and their potential to hazards to our waterways. The ASYCC CBI Program is

an important line of defense for our lakes.

The threat of invasive plants entering the Mousam Lake/Square Pond Watershed and the continued loss of property due to erosion demand

our ceaseless attention. The environmental , recreational and economic life of this region depend on good stewardship of these valuable

natural resources.

The Board of Directors of the Acton/Shapleigh Youth Conservation Corps


  • George Emery, President (Mousam Lake, Acton)

  • Norm Lambert, Vice President (Mousam Lake, Acton)

  • Bill Sherman, Treasurer (Mousam Lake, Shapleigh)

  • Jane Thomas, Secretary (Square Pond, Shapleigh)

  • Peter Beck (Mousam Lake, Acton)

  • Nancy Deans (Square Pond, Acton)

  • Beth Andrews (Square Pond, Acton)

FMI visit


The Board of Selectmen has been invited by the chairman of the York County Budget Committee to attend a public hearing on Wednesday,

January 16, 2013 at 6:20 pm in the basement of the York County Court House. The snow date, if necessary, is scheduled for Wednesday,

January 23, 2013 at 6:30 pm in the basement of the York County Court House.

Topics for discussion will include the budget document for the 18 month budget beginning January 1, 2013 and concluding June 30, 2014.

Also the details of the changes to the York County budget year from January 1st to December 31st to July 1st to June 30th and the details of its

impact on municipalities as outlined in a letter from the York County Manager will be discussed.


The public hearing for the proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance regarding Non-conformance; Notes to the Table on Dimensional

Requirements; Signs and Billboards; Clearing or removal of vegetation for activities other than timber harvesting; Private ways; and the

Repeal of Section 105-44 Piers,docks and other shoreland construction will be held on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 at 7:00 pm.

The regular Planning Board meeting will follow at 7:30 pm. New business on the agenda includes:

  • Conditioinal Use Permit – 3 year renewal of Gravel Extraction Permit, Map 7 Lot 22A (Square Pond Rd) – Town of Shapleigh, Applicant

  • Conditional Use Permit – Wellness Center for Massage Therapy, Reiki and Various Healing Modalities – Map 19 Lot 13 (63 Emery Mills

    Rd) – Roger Berube, owner; Marianne Normand and Colleen Feeeney-Dyer, Applicants

  • Conditional Use Permit – Earth Moving in the Shoreland District for a Driveway – Map 27 Lot 13 (130 Seventeenth St) – William Plante, Applicant

  • Growth Permit Map 19 Lot 9 (21 Third St) Seasonal Conversion


The Board of Selectmen has appointed Joanne Rankin as Registrar of Voters, a position she has held for many years.

Another appointment made was that of Peter Cutrer as Rescue Chief of Service for two years.

Vacancies exist for Alternate Planning Board Members and and Alternate Zoning Board of Appeals members. Anyone interested in serving in

any of those capacities may contact the Executive Secretary Karla Bergeron at 636-2843 ext 401.


Deadline for turning in nomination papers for Town positions to be acted on by the Shapleigh registered voters on the second Friday of March

2013 is Tuesday, January 22, 2013. Several positions do not yet have any interested candidates, There is need for four townspeople to take

out nomination papers. Two Library Trustees and two Budget Committee members are needed. Call 636-2843 ext 401 for more information.


Library Trustee Chairman Fay Greenleaf and the rest of the Trustees woulds like to thank all the residents, baoth year-round and seasonal,

for their financial and moral support. The Shapleigh Community Library Book Sale was an outstanding success. All of the patrons who donated

books, CDs, tapes or magazine had a hand in the successful venture. The funds raised helped to meet the Trustees' goal of new

bookcases for the recent addition to the library,

Librarian Gene Smith reported to the trustees that over the past year over 4,967 patrons read over 5,500 books.


The Every Monday Knitting Group continues to meet every Monday afternoon at the Shapleigh Community Library from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

except on holidays. Anyone who would like to come and join this group is welcome to do so. FMI speak to Gene Smith or call 636-3630 at the

Shapleigh Community Library.


Chairman Ralph Ridley, Michael Roux Sr. and Roger Ridley, Trustees of the Town Forest have reported that the year 2012 was a good one.

The timber sale on 40 acres of land on Cedar Drive was finished during the early part of 2012. The area had a lot of trees blow down from the

storm in August 2011. Money from the timber sale was put in the Town Forest Account.