June 13, 2021  4:44 PM 

The Town of Shapleigh has received a proposal for engineering services for the Emery Mills Bridge Project.  To view the proposal please click on this link.

The Board of Selectmen would like to thank the members of the Capital Improvements Committee for their dedication, time and hard work in overseeing the bid process and project. 

Members of the CIC are:  Duffy Gold, Chairman, Nancy Small, Tom Small, Kathy Fagan and Bill Mann. 

Wednesday, October 14th at 11:00 am a meeting will be held at the Emery Mills Bridge to discuss the engineering plans for the replacement of this bridge.  Members of the CIC , Board of Selectmen and others will be in attendance.  Engineering Reps will be in attendance as well. 

Emery Mills Public Hearing Presentation - click here.

Questions that were asked at the Public Hearing/click here to view.

Letter from Maine Department of Transportation regarding reducing the weight limit on the bridge - Click here to read letter.