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Shapleigh Board of Selectmen

Minutes of Meeting – Time 6:00 pm

February 11, 2020

Call to Order

Chairman Michael S. Perro called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm with Jennifer J. Roux and Scott E. Cudworth in attendance.

Karla Bergeron, Town Administrator and Cheryl Drisko, Office Assistant were in attendance.

In Attendance: Bill Mageary, Jeff Goodwin, John Burnell, Skip Bartosch, Knathan Sabine and Mike Sabine.

Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting:

A motion was made by Jennifer J. Roux to approve the minutes of February 4, 2020; seconded by Scott E. Cudworth. No further discussion. Motion carried.

Public Comment: None

Public Hearing: Ordinance Restricting Vehicle Weight on Posted Ways:

Chairman Michael S. Perro opened the public hearing at 6:03 by reading the Purpose and Authority of the ordinance. Chairman Perro then opened the floor for any questions or comments. Bill Mageary asked about the enforceability of the ordinance. Discussion ensued regarding law enforcement, Department of Transportation (DOT)scales and Road Commissioners.

With no further questions or comments the public hearing was closed at 6:06 pm.

Unfinished Business:

a. Emery Mills Bid Package
The Chairman of Capital Improvements Committee was not able to attend; tabled for 2 weeks.

b. Winter Plowing Contract Discussion on Amending the Contract
The contract is still under review. Road Commissioner, North asked if there was going to be any recourse for work not done in a timely manner by contractors. Discussion ensued. The Town Administrator noted changes discussed and will draft the contract noting changes and the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) standards to be followed. The Selectmen will review again when they come back in session.

c. Review of Draft 2020 Warrant
The Town Administrator presented the Treasurer's recommendations on the Rescue Per Diem Article was the same as presented last year. The Board reviewed all the drafted changes to the 2020 warrant articles. After one more review, the warrant will be released to the Budget Committee.

d. Rescue Squad Policies
The Board of Selectmen reviewed drafts of updated Rescue department policies.

· Sick Call out policy is ready to be signed once the reference to texting is removed; one change and will approve.

· Change of EMS License Level policy is ready to be signed; policy approved.

· Appearance and Hygiene policy will be sent to legal for review.

e. Letter of Resignation from Animal Control Officer
A motion was made by Jennifer J. Roux to accept the resignation of Frank Shippee as Animal Control Officer; seconded by Scott E. Cudworth. No further discussion. Motion carried. Position will be posted.

Selectmen Jennifer J. Roux stated for the record that the Board of Selectmen invited Mr. Frank Shippee to their meeting to discuss budget constraints and he declined the invitation.

f. Atlantic Broadband Internet Agreement
Tabled; still in legal review.

g. Chairman Michael S. Perro announced with a heavy heart he is moving to New Hampshire on February 15, 2020 and is no longer qualified to sit on the Board of Selectmen. Mr. Perro offered to be available to the Board of Selectmen in an advisory capacity until the regular town meeting. Mr. Perro further commented that even though he can no longer vote at town meeting, he would be happy to attend in order to answer any questions the public may have in regards to the warrant article.

Selectmen Jennifer J. Roux thanked Chairman Perro for his many years of service to Shapleigh and stated she would be happy for his consult.

New Business:

a. 2020 Tax Anticipation Note (TANS) Bank Letters
The Board of Selectmen signed TANS letters which were sent to the following banks to bid: Key Bank, T.D. North, Androscoggin Bank, Partners Bank (formerly SIS) and Biddeford Savings; requested amount is $1 million dollars.

Chairman Michael S. Perro suggested that the Board consider in the future to go to a bi-annual tax billing so that there would no longer be a need for TANS. Selectmen Jennifer Roux suggested a straw poll be run during the upcoming Primary elections.

b. Transfer Station Performance Evaluations to be Completed
Selectmen Scott E. Cudworth was tasked with the performance evaluations to be completed.

c. Saco River Corridor Commission
A gentleman from Saco stepped up to be considered as Shapleigh's representative on the Saco River Corridor Commission. He comes with experience as a representative from another town in the past. The Selectmen asked the Town Administrator to invite him to meet with them on February 25, 2020 at 5:30 pm to be considered. It was suggested if he was chosen, that he be asked to write up synopsis of all meetings he attends for the Boards review.


1. Zoning Violations from Code Enforcement

2. Planning Board Agenda

3. Electrical Generation Report from CMP


1. Warrants

2. Thank you letter to Mr. Frank Shippee, Animal Control Officer

Any other business that the Chairman may wish to bring before the meeting: None

–Motion made by Jennifer J. Roux to adjourn at 6:53 pm; seconded by Scott E. Cudworth. Motion passed unanimously.

These minutes are not verbatim. Cheryl L. Drisko, Office Assistant.