January 23, 2022  3:41 PM 

 Official Applications may need to be filled out at the Town Hall in order to provide appropriate copies for the Town or State 

Permit Application Fee Schedule

Construction or Plumbing

Shapleigh Ordinance

PDF or eCode-360

Shapleigh Property Information

GIS or Assessing

All Applications Require a Plot Plan

How to Draw A Plot Plan

General Construction or Building

Building Permit Application

Internal Plumbing

HHE-211 Plumbing Application

Hazard Trees in the Shoreland Zone

Tree Permit Application and Review DEP guidelines

A Handbook for Shoreland Owners

Maine Shoreland Zoning

State of Maine DEP Permit by Rule

PBR Application and Chapter 305

Residential Growth Permit

RGP Application

Conditional Use Permit

CUP Application

Conditional Use Amendment

Amend CUP Application

Change of Use of Approved Planning Board CUP

COU Application

Construction of a Private Way

CPW Application

Best Practical Location

BPL Application

Best Practical Location Amendment

Amend BPL Application

Subdivision Application

Minor or Major or Amendment

Driveway Permit Application

Shapleigh or Maine DOT Application

Sign Permit Application

Maine OBDS or Local Business Sign with CUP

State of Maine Septic Search

Septic Permit Search

York County Registry of Deeds

Registry of Deeds

Shapleigh Zoning Appeal or Violation

ZBA Application or Complaint Form

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